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American Janitorial Services, LTD is committed to bring you the best in high quality, professional cleaning and maintenance services.


Dunn & Bradstreet

Houston Business Safety Council

HUB Certified

U.S. Green Building Council Member

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Carpet Maintenance:

Routine Maintenance procedures: It is important to implement a regular carpet maintenance program. 

1.Soil and Spot Prevention

2.Vacuum cleaning

3.Spot Removal

Floor Car Program:

Floors are subject to tough wear and can be easily damaged.  To maintain the coating and the floor underneath, you need products and procedures to conduct four procedures.





Power Washing:

Power washing all concrete areas to remove grease, oil and other pollutants using green chemicals and procedures.

Window Cleaning:

Window cleaning all interior and exterior windows available as needed or requested. We strive to provide a clean look to your facility through the eyes of your customers as they approach every day.

Page 3: About Us

Our Mission:

To be the top janitorial services provider in the Houston-Galveston area by responding in a timely manner and providing quality services to meet our customer’s satisfaction.

Our Vision:

We help our clients by providing excellent janitorial services through green quality products and rapid attentive responses to their needs.

Our Goal:

To be the premier janitorial services provider in the greater Houston-Galveston area.

Core Values:




Green Cleaning Policy:

American Janitorial is committed to an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning and maintenance that meets the cleaning needs of the building. 

-High performance cleaning program

-Cleaning products purchasing and dispensing plan

-Cleaning equipment maintenance and purchasing plan

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Telephone number 281-922-0055

Fax number: 281-922-0050


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